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Welcome to Sakura Beauty Lab

Eyelash Extensions

Hair Cut & Color

Relaxation Massage

You Deserve to Enjoy the Hair Cut, Hair Colors, Perming also, best Eyelash Extensions, Relaxation Massage in Rotterdam.

Sakura Beauty Lab commitment guarantees that you always have the perfect Hair Style. awesome Eyelash extensions and more beauty related services through Japan skills and experiences.

Japanese Straight Perm - Available

Japanese Luxury Straight Perm Experience

Indulge in the ultimate hair transformation with our luxurious Japanese Straight Perm. We combine the finest Japanese straightening products with the expertise of Japanese stylist to create a personalized straightening experience tailored to your hair type and desired style. Discover the art of perfectly straight, healthy hair.

Wedding hair arrangement

Wedding Hair Arrangement - For Bride, Participant

Wedding hair arrangement for participants
Wedding Embrace


New Services Relate with Wedding


Hair Arrangement

Wedding Make-Up

​Relaxation for Wedding

Pink Sugar

New Service

More Service Available for Beauty & Care

Brazilian Wax (Female & Male)

Dandruff Care + Hair Cut



Make Hair Smooth, Silky and Straight

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments are semi-permanent hair straightening treatments that smooth and add shine to frizzy hair. Your hair will become easier to manage and you can save you a lot of time in your morning routine after Keratin Treatment.

Price for Keratin Treatment : EUR200

Keratin Treatment

We recommend Keratin Treatment for anyone who wants to reduce frizz, boost shine, or cut out blow-drying or straightening your hair on a regular basis.

Price for Keratin Treatment : EUR200


for Damage Hair

Happy Wedding with awesome Hair
Face Massage
Wedding - Hair Arrangement & Wedding Make-up
First Visit Special
Discount Package
Japanese style
Extension Package
Repair of Damage Hair
Strait perm
Our Stylist
Tidy Barber Bench
Skilled Japanese Hair Stylist

Chiharu Jinno/Owner & Hair, Beauty Stylist of Sakura Beauty Lab (CJ Chiharu)

 Hair and makeup, beauty stylist, dresser. 

(Good Fortune Stylist)

 Chiharu started training at a barber shop at the age of 13.  In 1989, she went to America alone (Christine Valmy beautiful school). After returning to Japan in 1996, she opened a total beauty salon in Japan, and established a total of 5 stores in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Moved to the Netherlands (Rotterdam) from July 2020 and started Sakura Beauty Lab. She received an offer from Studio Picnic and started Sakura Beauty Lab with rented a chair until the end of July 2022.


From August 2022, Chiharu moved and started Sakura Beauty Lab as a rental space at 3011 PE Rotterdam, Hoogstraat, NL.

Also active as a beauty industry and fortune teller (palm reading, physiognomy, aura appraisal, psychic tarot, feng shui, good luck makeup)!  Due to this reputation, we have received requests for fortune-telling from clients even outside of Japan and the United States.

Her awesome services that are relate with beauty such as Kimono Kitsuke, Japanese hair, Children's Shichigosan, Special Make-up & Hair Styling for special day such as wedding, parties and more! 


Bridal makeup and hair styling are also highly acclaimed.

Bridal Make-up and Hair Styling will also can be done at the venue of wedding and more.

Top quality products

Customer's Voice

Skilled and friendly services.

Lovely smile and talk during service so I love it!

Chiharu is skillful and very friendly during service. 100% I recommend Sakura Beauty Lab.

Staff is so kind and enjoy to chat during services. Always make my hair awesome also, give me a good advice how to care my hair. Thanks a lot C.J. 

Claudia. Rotterdam

Laura. Rotterdam

Mika. Amsterdam


Contact /  Tel: 0682538538


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